Welcome to Precious Memories' Blog. This is our opportunity to add new information to our site. We want to use this blog as a forum to provide insight into Precious Memories and to provide education to pet owners.

In this first post, we just want to let everyone know what's been happening around here.

As I'm sure most people know, Harold passed away in June 2013, We think about him every day and miss his wisdom and sense of humor. I first met Harold when I started here in 1998. As I got to know him, I understood how special he was. Now that he's passed, I realize that if you're truly fortunate if you'll meet one or two people like him in your lifetime.

Lisa's daughter Samantha and her husband George have joined us full time for the summer. Samantha has mainly been in the office, working with clients and taking on some of the administration roles, while George has been driving and helping with maintenance around the grounds.

Please check back often for updates