We have a lot of people that express to us that they’re glad that we’re here, but don’t envy us our job. I always answer that while yes it can be challenging, we have the opportunity to help people through a very difficult time. One of the things about my job that I really cherish is the ongoing relationship that I have with some of our burial clients.

Carl Fritz:

Carl has several pets buried in our cemetery, but I really got to know him when he lost his Boston terrier named Cindy. Carl had always worked with Harold in the past and they had become good friends. Carl came out to visit his pets at least once a month and always brought Cindy with him. I knew that when Cindy passed away, Carl would be devastated. Harold had stepped away from daily operations at the cemetery by this time, and I made the arrangements with Carl for Cindy’s burial. I was honored to have the opportunity to work with him and earn his respect and trust. I make it a point to stop and chat with Carl and Mindy (another Boston) whenever they visit. Sometimes, I help him navigate the Internet. He has sent me a birthday card every year since Cindy passed.

The Howards

I first met Richard and Jaylene in 2008 when they moved their beloved malamute Missy to our cemetery. Missy’s marker is a beautiful, heart shaped, morning rose granite, upright marker. On the day of the burial, I got to meet their gentle giant Hawkeye, also a malamute. As often as they could, they would visit Missy’s gravesite, usually making an afternoon of it and with Hawkeye dragging Richard behind. This past year, Hawkeye passed away was buried at Precious Memories. Jaylene wanted to make sure that Hawkeye’s monument was as close to Missy’s as possible. With the help of Jerry at Norman’s Memorials in Greeley, we were able to accommodate Jaylene’s request. This past week, the marker was delivered and it just so happened that Jaylene and Richard came up to visit. I got to surprise them with this amazing monument that we will set in the spring.