Precious Memories Cremations Information

At Precious Memories Pet Cemetery And Crematory Inc we understand that when it is time to plan the for the loss of your pet, that cremation is often preferred over burial. In order to provide our clients with everything they need during this time of grief, we provide you with the resources and services you need. We offer private cremation and the cremains are usually available within 24 hours upon receiving your pet, excluding weekends and holidays. We accept pets for drop off anytime during our regular business hours and you do not need an appointment. In some cases, the cremains are available the same day. We also know that many of our clients travel from outside the immediate are to utilize our services. As a courtesy, we offer the option to wait while the cremation occurs so that you do not have to make the trip twice. We do ask that you call us to set up an appointment in that case so that we can have a machine prepared when you arrrive and can give you an accurate time frame for the cremation. As a full-service pet cemetery we offer pet cremations and pet burials at our own cemetery with unobstructed views of the beautiful Colorado scenery. Take a tour of our site here.


Deciding on pet cremation can be a difficult decision to make. At Precious Memories Pet Cemetery And Crematory Inc there is someone from our team with you every step of the way to answer your questions and honor your decisions. Should you choose cremation, your pet will be treated with care, compassion, and respect.Your pet's cremation includes the cremains returned to you in a complementary box, as you see below. You can also choose from several urns and keepsake style containers.
Cremation is a process in which specialized equipment create intense high heat to transform the body into a different state of elements (mostly calcium compounds and minor minerals.) Once the process has been completed, what remains is the skeletal structure. The quantity of fragments can vary greatly due to body composition and are related directly to skeletal mass. Our facility has three cremation units so we are able to perform three private cremations at any one time.


Pocket pets$35.00
(This Category is specifically designed for:Rats, Mice, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters,Birds, Fish, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, and Small Reptiles.)

25 lbs and below$80.00
26 lbs through 50 lbs$100.00
51 lbs through 75 lbs$115.00
76 lbs through 100 lbs$135.00
101 lbs through 125 lbs$150.00
(Head,Heart and Hooves)

Animals weighing over 125 lbs. are $ 1.20 per pound
*All creamations are private and are returned to clinic or owner unless other arrangements are made.
*Full lines of urns and keepsakes are available at an additonal cost.
We would also like to stress that accurate weights are essential since our fees are based on weight and we must also keep an accurate weight log of pets cremated for the air pollution control agency.