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Initially the inspiration for Precious Memories was to honor the passing of Lisa’s beloved pet Darth. With limited options, Lisa inquired about burial in a local cemetery. Upon learning that pet burial was not allowed in cemeteries dedicated for people, she decided on cremation. Disappointed with the service that was offered, Lisa and her father Harold came to the conclusion that there needed to be a place in Northern Colorado that catered to the needs of people once their pets had passed.





Kiki, a red peke-a-pom is the official office greeter at Precious Memories. She keeps a vigilant eye on the front office and alerts the staff as soon as someone comes down the driveway. Inside the office, KiKi provides comfort for those in their time of need. She especially likes Mike, our regular UPS driver, because he always has treats for her.





Gretchen, a miniature schnauzer is the chief squirrel watcher and grounds inspector. In the spring and summer she can be seen following the mower, checking to make sure each blade of grass is just right. She loves to eat, and chooses to relax by sitting in the golf cart while Harold ferries her around the grounds. When other K-9 family members visit with their owners, Gretchen makes sure they feel welcome by offering tons of kisses.




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Elvis, a Maltese, enjoys coming to the office and hanging out, he spends most of his time sleeping. He packs a mighty bark for his small size and is not afraid to show it off. Almost cat-like, he enjoys rubbing against people’s legs and encourages their affection. He loves to be outside and has a tendency to wander off. True to his name, on many occasions, Elvis has left the building.




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Molly, a Chihuahua, is a greeter in training. She isn’t really sure if work is her forté, but we think she comes over so everybody can tell her how darn cute she is.






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Darth, the Dog who started it all!

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